How to Get Prospects and Clients to Sign Up to Your Emailing List

Signing up to an autoresponder and writing a year’s worth of phenomenal emails is a giant step toward forming a genuine relationship with your clients and prospects…but how do you convince those people to actually opt in to your emailing list? Website Placement One of the easiest ways to get signups is to put a box on your website that asks people to sign up, generally in exchange for ...[Read More]

5 Tips for Writing Top-Notch Headlines

Lawyers know just how powerful summaries are — they’re the one chance you get to really feed the judge or jury the essence of your case all in one memorable moment. Well, when you’re creating a press release, a blog post, or any other form of online content, it’s a little different. Your summary comes first; it’s the headline, and if your headline doesn’t hit ha...[Read More]

Law Firm SEO: What is a Bounce Rate and Why Does it Matter?

Whenever someone clicks onto a website, stays there for a while, and then clicks away from the site entirely, that’s called a “bounce”. For your typical, information-filled legal website, the bounce rate can be as high as 50%. Google loves to see users engaged, and bouncing is more or less the opposite of engagement — so a high bounce rate is definitely one way to get your ...[Read More]

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