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Web Page Title: Personal Injury Lawyer Minneapolis

Serving the Twin Cities for Over 25 Years!

If you have been injured in an auto accident or have sustained any other type of injury, it is important for you to understand your rights! At the law firm of Lindberg and Johnson, we are committed to delivering our clients the expert personal attention and legal service they deserve. From the moment you contact our office until your case is settled, you will be working with the same experienced personal injury attorney throughout.

Our Attorneys

When searching for an expert personal injury lawyer, Minneapolis area residents can count on the professional team of attorneys at Lindberg and Johnson. For over 25 years, we have represented thousands of Minnesota residents against the big insurance companies. We fight hard for our clients and we do everything possible to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Meeting You Where You Are

At Lindberg and Johnson, serving the needs of our clients is our top priority. We understand that you have a busy schedule, and we do our best to accommodate it. No need for you to come to our downtown Minneapolis office, our personal injury lawyers are flexible and able to meet with you wherever is most convenient.

Standing Up For You

When you are injured in a car accident, your world is often turned upside down. And during all this confusion, insurance companies often attempt to take advantage of the situation and give you a “lowball” settlement offer.

Before you accept anything from an insurance company, call us!

We will sit down with you, review your entire case, and inform you of your rights. Because of our experience dealing with the big insurance companies, we are often able to recover a fair settlement for you without having to go to trial (although we are happy to take your case to trial if necessary).

You Only Pay If We Win

At Lindberg and Johnson, our Minneapolis personal injury lawyers understand that finances are tight and you may have trouble coming up with a large retainer fee. Not to worry.

You only pay us if we secure a settlement for you! Pure and simple. If we take your case, it will be on us to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your injury/loss.

Get in touch with the personal injury lawyers Minneapolis has depended on for almost 3 decades. Call us today at 612-111-1111 for your free, no obligation consultation.

Article Sample # 1: [702 Words-Keyword(s) “Collect a Court Judgment”]

Article Title: How to Collect a Court Judgment


Somebody ripped you off and you took them to small claims court. You did everything right. You filed all the legal forms properly. It was a hard fought battle, but you finally prevailed. You’ve been awarded a transcript of judgment by the court. Time to celebrate, right? Well…not exactly. What they forgot to tell you when you started this process is that in most cases the county court provides absolutely no help in collecting your judgment. Zip, zero, nada.

If you want to collect the judgment you just won, you’re on your own. You’ll have to get the money directly from your judgment debtor, and the court is not going to lift a finger to help you. So now that this new reality has set in, you’re left wondering how to collect a court judgment. Since this is not something most people do every day, you may be a bit confused about the process.

In your quest to figure out how to gain satisfaction of judgment from your debtor, you really have only 3 options:

1. Collect the Judgment Yourself

This is your least expensive but most time consuming option. If you have a lot of time on your hands, and don’t mind spending some of it doing research, filing papers in the court, and placing liens on your debtor’s personal property, then this may be for you. More on this option later.

2. Hire a Collection Attorney

When attempting to collect a court judgment, a collection attorney will probably be your most costly option. Most collection (or otherwise referred to as “creditor’s rights”) attorneys will charge a hefty upfront fee to go after your judgment.

Only in cases where the lawyer is absolutely convinced that there are sizable assets to go after will they even consider taking the case on a contingency basis. So, if you have very little time, a lot of money to put at risk upfront, and you don’t find the thought of representing yourself in court very appealing, then this may be the best option for you.

3. Hire a Judgment Recovery Specialist

What’s a judgment recovery specialist? Good question. Judgment recovery specialists are people who do nothing but recover judgments for people in your situation. They are usually not attorneys, but since this is all they do, they generally do it quite well. Most judgment recovery specialists will take your case on contingency basis and take between 33% and 50% of what they collect for you. So if you don’t have the time to collect your court judgment yourself or you lack the upfront money to spend on an attorney, then this might be the best option for you.

Now, if you choose option 1 and try to collect the court judgment yourself, there are 3 common ways to collect money from a debtor who refuses to pay you:

1. Garnish their wages

One of the best ways to collect a court judgment from a deadbeat debtor is to file a wage garnishment with the court. This of course assumes that your debtor has a job and you know where they work. If that is the case, then it may be just a matter of filing some paperwork and you’re all set.

2. Garnish their bank account

Another good way to collect your court judgment is to garnish (put a lien on) the debtor’s bank account. In order to use this option, you need to know the debtor’s bank account number and be reasonably sure there is money in the account.

If the debtor ever wrote you a check for anything and you saved it, then you have their checking account number. If you want to hit the account when there’s money in it, time it for the day after their payday if you know it.

3. Place a lien on their real estate

If your debtor owns any real estate, you have the option to place a lien on it. The problem with this option is you may have to wait many years to see the money, because the lien will only need to be settled when the debtor sells the property. For that reason, I would only recommend this option as a last resort.

Article Sample # 2: [545 Words-Keyword(s) “Senior Care”]

Article Title: 3 Things to Look for in an In Home Senior Care Agency

There comes a time in our lives where most of us will have to face a crucial decision regarding how we are going to deal with our aging loved ones. As we observe their condition, it becomes apparent that their health issues prevent them from living like they once did. At this point, we are faced with 3 choices:

  1. Put them in a nursing home.
  2. Move in with them or move them in with us.
  3. Hire an in home senior care or elder care agency.

The first two options are wrought with challenges. We’ve all heard the horror stories of the treatment many elderly receive in nursing homes, so do we really want to take this kind of risk with the very people that gave us life and raised us? Option two can be tough as well if we are working a lot and/or have a very active family. It may also be difficult because of compatibility issues with in-laws, etc.

This leaves in home care as the ideal option to address the senior care needs of our aging loved ones. The problem here is that in home senior care is a fairly new and developing industry and many people are unfamiliar with what to look for in a good elder care agency. Here are 3 things you should know before hiring any agency to handle the in home care of your loved ones:

1. Who is running the elder care agency you are considering?

This is a very important question because it gets to the heart of what the agency is all about. If you are dealing with an in home care agency that has a large and bureaucratic corporate structure, then there could be problems with the quality of care you receive. It is best if the folks running the senior care agency are living locally in your community and that they know how to administer proper care to their clients (your loved ones). The best case scenario would be an agency that is run by local registered nurses, since they would carry the expertise in the field to ensure that proper care is given.

2. Do they offer flexibility in their programs and services?

The last thing you need when entrusting your loved ones to elder care services is a company that takes a “one size fits all” approach to providing in home care. We all know that every individual circumstance is a bit different, and the senior care agency you deal with needs to understand that as well. Look for an agency that is willing to customize their programs and services to fit the individual needs of your family.

3. Will they allow you to use their services month to month, or do they lock you into a long-term contract?

What if you decide that the in home care agency you hired just isn’t the right fit for your family? If you are locked into a long term agreement, then you will probably have to pay a penalty of hundreds or even thousands of dollars to break it. Look for a senior care agency that allows you to use their services month to month, so you have the flexibility to make a change if your circumstances warrant it.

Press Release Sample # 1:


Buddy Buddy Buddy Launch Seeks to Monetize Social Media

Introducing Buddy Buddy Buddy…Where Online Shopping Meets Social Media

Vista, CA. – Do You Buddy, Inc. (BBB), a California-based marketing company, has launched its social media shopping companion “Buddy Buddy Buddy”, viewable at http://www.doyoubuddy.com/. After over 2 years of creation, program development, and planning, BBB is set to take social networking and marketing to a new level of compatibility, giving online merchants the ability to leverage the power of the internet’s largest social media platform, while at the same time providing attractive incentives for online shoppers to participate in the program. In addition, BBB gives online retailers the ability to custom market their products on an individual basis.

“Social media is the hottest thing on the internet right now,” Do You Buddy co-founder Dale Wozny says. “But so far no one has come up with a way to properly monetize these social connections. We believe we’ve addressed this problem by providing online shoppers with rewards when their Facebook friends make purchases. This incentivizes them to tell their friends about the items they are buying online.”

For online merchants, Buddy Buddy Buddy seems to be a naturally progressive move. By becoming a participating BBB Etailer, merchants can gain a steady stream of customers motivated to buy their products and let their friends know about their purchases.

“Finally, online sellers will have a way to leverage the viral power of social networking to bring in loads of new customers without all the costs associated with pay per click and other forms of online advertising,” Wozny continues. “We believe this will truly revolutionize the way products are bought and sold online.”

How Buddy Buddy Buddy Works

The BBB concept is very simple. A Buddy Etailer signs up for the BBB program and adds the items they feel would be most appropriate to become Buddy items, or they can just add all of their products. When a Facebook user buys an item at a participating online store, they earn “Buddy Bucks.”  After making the purchase, the Facebook user is awarded the allocated Buddy Bucks and is prompted to alert his/her friends. If any friends buy a product from the same store, the original user earns even more Buddy Bucks.

“So, with the average Facebook user having 130 friends and the ability to earn Buddy Bucks when their friends buy merchandise, the original shopper has over a million potential chances to earn Buddy Bucks from the purchase of one single item,” Wozny explains. The Buddy Bucks earned can be redeemed toward the purchase of qualified items from participating BBB stores, giving shoppers a big incentive to tell their friends about their online purchases.

“We knew that for this concept to work, shoppers had to be motivated to let their friends know about the stuff they are buying. The potential to accumulate lots of Buddy Bucks that can be redeemed for huge discounts of up to 50% or more on select merchandise is sure to enhance the online shopping experience and give people a good reason to share this experience with the people they know, as well as help participating Etailers increase sales of their merchandise.”

With its launch, Buddy Buddy Buddy is poised to make an immediate impact on the social media marketing world. For more information about BBB, go to http://www.doyoubuddy.com/

Press Release Sample # 2:


Delaware County, PA Realtor Reveals a Unique, Yet Proven Method to Sell Homes in a Down Market

West Chester, Pa. – By all accounts, the U.S. housing market is as slow as it’s been in several years. With fewer buyers than sellers, home prices have dropped significantly in recent years throughout most of the country. Pennsylvania is no exception. In this down real estate market, one West Chester, PA Realtor has come up with a creative strategy to sell homes for his clients for top dollar in as little time as possible.

Meet Don Dowd. Don is a realtor serving Delaware, Chester and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania. Don does things a little differently from most other realtors in the region. An entrepreneur since age 17, Don brings an “out of the box” approach to his real estate business that has yielded remarkable results.

“When I started in this business, I used to do the Tuesday afternoon open houses like all the other realtors in the area, but I found that I was only getting 4 or 5 people to attend, and half of those people were just my friends!” Dowd says. “I soon realized that I needed to develop a different strategy to get my clients the greatest possible exposure in the marketplace.”

The marketing strategy Dowd developed has proven to bring exceptional results, even in one of the worst real estate markets in recent memory. As of June 2010, Don ranked number five in sales out of 3204 RE/MAX agents in Pennsylvania and Delaware. This year, with the market down even further from 1 year ago, Don is on pace to double his 2010 sales numbers.

So what makes Don’s method of selling homes so different from most other realtors? There are several things Don does differently, but it starts with his business model. Because he has been an entrepreneur since his teens, Don chose RE/MAX Main Line because it had the most entrepreneurial-friendly pay structure. With this pay plan, he was able to negotiate to keep 99% of the commissions he earns. This gave him the flexibility to invest heavily into the marketing of each home he lists.

“Many real estate agents only keep 50% of the commissions for each home they sell and give the other 50% to their head office,” Dowd continues. “This type of business model gives the agent only limited resources to invest back into selling the home. Since I keep 99% of the commissions I earn, I am able to invest a significant amount of resources back into the marketing of each property. Bottom line, who would you rather have negotiating on your behalf, someone who only negotiated 50% for themselves, or someone who negotiated nearly 100%?”

Don Dowd has the advantage of being backed by a national company that spends millions of dollars marketing their agents and brand. RE/MAX is known to advertise in some very high profile places-including behind home plate at Citizens Bank Park during all Philadelphia Phillies home games. RE/MAX Main Line also helps its agents reduce their costs by giving them use of their three area offices in West Chester, Paoli and Phoenixville. The reduced overhead of not having to maintain an office gives Don more money to invest into marketing his listings.

The other part of Don’s home selling strategy is the creative way he invests in marketing to make sure each of his listings receives maximum exposure. Don’s marketing methods include:

  • Luxury Homes & Estates Magazine Listing: Full front cover reaching over 20,000 upscale households in Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties
  • Distinctive Homes Magazine Listing: Full back cover with a distribution of 40,000 to affluent readers in Main Line, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester counties as well as parts of Philadelphia.
  • Chester County Life Magazine Listing: Full page back inside cover reaching 110,000 households in Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties.
  • Home Décor & Ideas Magazine Listing: Full back cover reaching 110,000 highly affluent households in Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties.
  • The Real Estate Book Listing: Full front cover of every other issue with distribution of 25,000.
  • Internet & Email Blasts: Each home listed on over 100 real estate websites and email blasted to over 12,500 local realtors.
  • Broker’s Only Open Houses: Monthly open houses that are really more like cocktail parties.

The Party that Makes All the Difference

Don has a highly aggressive marketing strategy that includes the ability to get exclusive high exposure listings in the top real estate magazines in the area. This puts him miles ahead of most other agents. In addition to these listings, Don also throws one heck of a party at each of his homes. This is not your typical Tuesday afternoon open house. This is a Thursday night cocktail party with food fully catered by Carlino’s Catering- one of the top caterers in West Chester.

The food and drink are great and the atmosphere is festive, but what really draws the brokers in is the chance to win the 42-inch HD flat screen TV that is given away at most of these events.

“I knew that to draw in the top real estate brokers in the area, I needed to do something creative and give them a strong incentive to come to my event. We offer them great food and drinks on a Thursday evening as they’re getting ready for the weekend, plus the chance to get a free flat screen TV. What’s not to love about a party like that?”

Most real estate brokers agree. Don’s events consistently draw large crowds from the real estate community and give his clients’ homes an incredible amount of exposure. Don also has a creative way of keeping the costs of these events within his budget. He does this by working with a team of representatives from four other real estate-related industries. The five of them share the expenses for each party and allow each one to promote the event within their own sphere of influence.

Don’s team of professionals includes:

Gary Risler: Sales manager of Waterstone Mortgage Corporation.

Sheila Dragon: Staging professional and owner of Dragon Design.

Chris Early: Home Inspector for Inspect-It First.

Greg O’Neill: Publisher of The Real Estate Book and Luxury Homes & Estates Magazines.

With his unique marketing methods, Delaware County Real Estate Agent Don Dowd is proving that even in a down market, using the right strategies can still get homes sold at a great price and in a timely manner. Learn more at www.delawarecounty-homes.com

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