Themed web pages are one of the services that sets us apart from the competition. You will find very few content providers that offer this level of service to help your pages rank above your competitors.

Why is this themed content so important? Now, more than ever, Google and the other search engines are cracking down on poor quality web pages that are polluting the Internet with crappy content that provides very little value to the site’s visitors. By now, you are certainly aware of the Google “Panda”, “Penguin” and other various updates in which their algorithms have been re-configured to eliminate these kinds of sites from their search results

These changes mean you can no longer afford to risk creating poor quality content with “stuffed” keywords that have no readability and are clearly there just to manipulate the search engines. Google won’t tolerate it and your website will likely become lost in the shuffle.

At Quality Copywriting, we take a different approach.

We create unique, high quality content that is highly readable and engaging to the site’s visitor.

On top of that, our themed web pages are even more relevant to what Google is looking for. With these premium web pages, we don’t just weave the keyword phrase naturally into the content at a density of around 1%, but we also integrate 25-30 related theme words and phrases that the search engines find relevant to the primary targeted keyword phrase.

How do we know these related words and phrases are relevant to the search engines?

Because we pull them from the pages that are ALREADY ranking in the top 10 of Google. Then, we weave them into our content in a way that gives them a theme score at or near 100%. This means the page we create will be at least as well themed (and in most cases better themed) than any of the current Google top 10

Bottom line: Provided all other SEO functions are performed effectively, your page will have the best possible opportunity to rank in Google’s top 10 for your desired keyword phrase. What would premium content like this be worth to you or your client?

Quality Themed Content in Even the Most Technical Fields

Need web page content for technical sites such as legal or medical? No Problem. We have writers with vast experience in the following fields:

  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Telecommunications
  • Computer Technology

Our writers possess the expertise and research skills to get “inside your head” and create themed pages that will read just like you wrote them yourself.

Please note: As a Christian organization, we will not take any assignments for questionable topics like adult, gambling, etc.

Once full payment is made, this themed content is yours exclusively to do with as you wish. We relinquish all rights to it and you are free to use it for any purpose you see fit.


To get started with our Themed Web Page service, email us through our contact form or at  and provide us the number of pages needed, keyword phrases and other important details you want included on your pages. You may also give us a call at 612-454-7821. We will be back in touch with you with a quote within 24 business hours.

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