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Quality Copywriting Services is owned and operated by Paul Lindquist.

I have been an online copywriter and article marketer since 2005.  I have published hundreds of articles online on a variety of subjects.

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My Background

I hold a bachelor of science degree in psychology from the University of Northwestern in Roseville, Minnesota. I have built on this degree by extensively studying human behavior. I carry this understanding into my writing and am able to deliver content that will make the reader respond positively.

I also bring into my writing lots of “real world” experience in various industries. For example, I was an insurance agent for over three years and sold a wide variety of insurance products. I have in-depth knowledge of the industry and am well qualified to write about anything related to it.

I also have a spent a lot of time in the legal field as a legal assistant for a local Minnesota law firm and owner/operator of a judgment recovery business. I have extensive experience in areas such as immigration, adoption, and creditor’s rights law. My legal content well-researched and written credibly by someone who has been in the field for an extended period of time.

Another place where I spent a good amount of my working career was for my local Minnesota phone company, Qwest Communications (now Century Link). I worked there a total of six years. While working for Qwest, I sold a wide range of telecommunications products from DSL (high speed internet) to mobile phones to local phone service. This experience gave me a wide depth of understanding of the latest technological developments.

In addition to the wide variety of real world experiences I possess, I have been writing articles online since 2005. I understand what well-written content should look like, and I write with the highest standards of quality and excellence in mind.

I have the ability to produce content that will not only help you rank higher in the search engines, but will also make your articles, blog posts, and web pages stand out among the competition.

Our Commitment to Your Success

At Quality Copywriting Services, I have assembled a team of top-notch American writers that are experts in a wide range of topics and deliver quality content each and every time. Furthermore…

I personally edit EVERY piece of content before it goes back to the client to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality and excellence.

If for some reason, you are ever unhappy with the content we provide for you, we will correct it for you free of charge.

It is our goal to be an indispensable partner in the success of your company. I know that if you are successful, we will be able to forge a long-term, mutually beneficial working relationship.

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