Articles are the “bread and butter” of a successful content marketing strategy. They are very effective for driving traffic to your website or blog, or building subscribers to your newsletter/mailing list. Our writers understand the mechanics of search engine optimization and will create quality articles around the keyword phrases that you provide us. Standard articles will contain a length of around 500 words and a keyword density of around 1% (1 occurrence every hundred words).

Our articles are 100% original and written by experienced professionals who have expertise in a wide range of topics. Our writers can produce quality articles for just about any field (as long as it’s ethical). We have extensive experience writing in some of the most highly technical fields, including:

  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Telecommunications
  • Computer Technology

Please note: As a Christian organization, we will not take any assignments for questionable topics like adult, gambling, etc.

Once full payment is made, these articles are yours exclusively to do with as you wish. We relinquish all rights to the articles and you are free to use them for any purpose you see fit.


To get started with our article writing service, order the email us through our contact form or at  and provide us the the number of articles needed, keyword phrases and other important details you want included in your articles. You may also give us a call at 612-454-7821. We will be back in touch with you within 24 business hours.

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